Sometimes we need a witness.
Sometimes we need a reminder of who we are beneath the layers we've accumulated.  
I'm honored to serve as both. 

I consider energy work an exploration of our nervous system and the stories we've tightly held.I believe that imprinted in our energetic body is conscious and unconscious wounding from unprocessed emotion that, like any injury, needs to be tended to in order to fully heal.

 Sessions provide liberation from energy that has needed to be held, seen, and heard.

Benefits of healing work:

→ Renewed sense of balance in mind, body, and spirit.

→ Deeper understanding of your patterns, reactions, and blocks.

→ Tools for grounding and connecting to a deeper sense of self.

→ Improved energy, sleep, and overall sense of clarity.  

→ Emotional relief to create a sense of relief from overwhelm and anxiety.

One-on-One Individual Sessions

30-day healing package

Intuitive Healing Sessions are based on your needs and involve looking at your energetic body to find any blocks keeping you from living your full potential.

I use a combination of intuition, Divine guidance, energy healing/extracting, and sometimes Reiki during the healing session. I access Divine information only, so you receive the most accurate and effective healing in your highest good. 

This option is a more supportive offering for those looking to dive deeper and have extended support. Weekly healings with check-ins, email support, and personalized guidance with a custom care plan create an intentional foundation for any healing journey.  
(Currently limited to two clients a month.
Next opening: January)

I'm ready to apply

I'm ready to apply

Book a free consult to explore

Book a free consult to explore

“The beginning of healing is finding the wound."  


My offerings create a space for recipients to be held and witnessed in divine love that can offer a unique healing in itself. I refer to myself as a liaison because my role is a connector from the limitations of the human being to the expansive energy of the spiritual being. 

Spiritual healing is a treatment that promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and strengthening the body’s own innate intelligence. Healing is  the intention of bringing the recipient into a state of balance and wellbeing on all levels’.


Spiritual healing is not linked to a particular religion. It is not faith healing –
 very skeptical people can be healed. I honor that while more people become 'unchurched' many don't have a language for their spirituality or it can get tied up in religious trauma. I ensure my language is responsive and accommodating  to your preferences we discuss at intake. 

 The spiritual aspect of our work refers to spiritual energy working at a deep level on your spiritual being. The healing involves the transfer of energy; in other words, it is not from (me) the healer, but the healer links with ‘Universal’ or Divine energy to channel healing for the mind, body and spirit.
Hence my fancy title, liaison. 


Healing is a very personal experience and your comfort is most important. You want to find a healer that you feel you connect with and that offers you non-judgement as you share your energy and experience. You'll want to feel you are held by someone with clear boundaries that offers you respect and removes their experiences from your healing. Ask for credentials or where they received their training to ensure they are qualified for your needs.

Explore other Certified Healers through 
the School of Intuitive Studies


You will receive follow-up emails after all sessions to ensure you feel supported as your healing unfolds over the days, sometimes weeks, after a session.

I am always available for questions as they surface, and enjoy celebrating in the breakthroughs that typically occur in the days that follow.


One-on-one sessions* are
30 minutes - $70
60 minutes - $120
90 minutes - $175

*All sessions are currently offered virtually. Inquire about in-person at an additional cost. 

*I believe in financial equity and accessibility. Please email me for details. 

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT than therapy?

Energy healing can be a wonderful compliment to traditional talk therapy, or an alternative for those that feel uncomfortable with how clinical therapy can feel. After years of (weekly) therapy, I sought out alternative (energy) healing options in an effort to integrate all that I was learning and understanding. Between podcasts, self-development books, and talking it out, I felt like I did wonders healing my mind, but was craving a way to embody that healing in my physical and spiritual being. 

Some are more comfortable with talk therapy, where others feel energy healing can allow for more progress and deep transformation by moving blocked energy and being held in deep, emotional release.


This is deeply, personal work and the outcomes vary person-to-person. While most clients feel relief to any suffering, struggle, grief, or emotional pain in a single session, others benefit greatly from having several sessions consistently.

My sessions empower clients to take their work beyond our session to continue their energy healing outside of our time together. Maybe it’s the personal trainer in me, but I believe the results of our limited time together are largely amplified by clients doing their own work as consistently as possible.

Set backs (and life) happen, so we can always realign and get back on track with energy tune-ups if/when we lose our way. Ultimately, my goal is for you to fire me. Yes, I mean it. 


A typical session often includes spiritual guidance that invites a deeper practice for healing (think journaling, joyful movement, or time in nature). I also offer follow-up check-ins that allow us the opportunity for follow-up support so that clients can continue to benefit from the healing and energy attunement if they want to put in more time and care.


Let's be honest, trust work is a healing in itself. I believe trust in this work is sacred to establishing an energetic space of non-judgement that allows you to show up unguarded with energy ready to shift.

Please reach out with any questions below or schedule a complimentary connection to see if I'm a good match for your needs.

Reach out with any questions.

If you're seeking a referral, I have a network of healers with different styles and areas of focus to connect you with.  Please offer as much detail as you can on what kind of service you're looking for.

Love and possibility,

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 I read and reply to every message as soon as possible and appreciate your grace for my response time. 

Thank you!

love and possibility,